Gotta Make a New Post… Right?!

Ok I know no-one really follows this page much and its kind of random at best. I would like to start out by narrowing some things down, In a completely non-sensical order.

A)I ‘Think’ that I won’t be moving forward with Graphic Design. At Least not in a professional aspect.

ii)I feel that I enjoy building, buildings far more than I enjoy design… to a degree

THREE) Maybe I see myself pursuing a career in architecture. Possibly most likely YES

7)I still want this blog to be about design, But mostly cartoons and comics or something of that sort.

8) This is totally unprofessional, but who gives a rip.

And Lastly… I wanted to rant about Crossover Comics, I’m absolutely tired of seeing things with DC comic characters and Marvel Characters on the same page they are separate entities. Keep them in their own worlds. Just figure out the rest of the rant on your own.

I’ll try for a better post next time.




DWG of Fangorn Forest

DWG of Fangorn Forest

Dirty Fingers

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything on this page, but I figured it was time to do so again.  I texted a buddy this morning about what subject or idea I should sketch on, he sugguested I draw Fangorn Forest.  So I took the time to go look up the location on a map (LOTR map) took note of the geography and this is what I got.  I also was told to listen to “Treefingers” by Radiohead.  Take some time out of your day and travel to another world and give this track a listen, it is great ambient music.